Most Common Issues / Questions

No water pressure coming from well

This common problem can be anything from faulty circuit breakers to power surges.  Give us a call and let us check it out for you.

No water to my house

It may be time to change your filters.  We can help, check out our shopping link to assist with your filter needs.

There are air bubbles in my tap water

This could be caused from a faulty pressure tank to problems with water filtration.

What is the smell coming from my water?

Most generally this is a sulfur smell (rotten eggs).  This could be caused from your water heater.  A simple way to test is running water directly from your well and see if smell occurs.  If not, the smell is coming from your water heater and can be corrected.

Can I purchase cartridge filters for my well?

Yes, proceed to the SHOP link and find the most common filters for water well systems.  We will mail them to your door.

How often should I change my filters?

This generally depends on the water usage. Number of people in the house and what size filters are installed.  Note: if your pressure gets low, most commonly the filter needs to be changed.